About Us

Company Profile

A commercial builder with a solid foundation of experience, Bluewater Builders has an innovative business model. We offer the construction and design industry “big company” support and services with a “small company” approach and personal executive attention. We not only manage subcontractors to ensure top-caliber work, we also pride ourselves on being hands-on “doers” who are ready and willing to perform most scopes of work. With experience in self-performing site work, concrete, masonry, carpentry work, finishes and specialty item installations, our staff knows what needs to be done and does whatever it takes to ensure it’s done right.

Our Philosophy

Our team approach and efforts to ensure project delivery with “no surprises” are effective and key components of our success

As exemplary leaders, we understand and value the trust our clients place in us. Our experience in the construction marketplace has proven that communication and integrity are key elements to client satisfaction. We extend these principles to all levels of our work. Bluewater has defined team satisfaction as our primary company goal. We recognize that “people” make a company – not name or size. This is why we choose our team members with the utmost care. We build a superior internal team by selecting highly experienced employees who are passionate about delivering above and beyond a client’s expectations and who share our values. We also extend to our personnel a unique opportunity to share in the profitability of their successful efforts. Offering our key employees a share of their project’s profits, savings and losses promotes a commitment to total TEAM satisfaction.

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