Trade Partners


Bluewater Builders, Inc. has implemented a web based system to manage our Vendors’ Prequalification Information, Invitations to Bid and all related project correspondence. Our new system provides a more streamlined approach to engaging qualified subcontractors and insuring every subcontractor has an equal opportunity to share in our catalog of projects.

Please take a few minutes to complete the Initial Prequalification Package. Most importantly, please make sure to update your company’s contact information, including key personnel to whom Invitations to Bid should be directed, your Trade Codes reflecting which scopes of work your company provides, your insurance information, and any bonding information included in this package. Company financial information is not required to register, but will be considered if your company is selected as an option for large-scale projects.

Every notification we send will include a button at the top that you can click to access the relevant information immediately. It also includes the URL to the login page and an Access Key that you can enter and submit in the event that the button does not work or you received the communication via fax. Upon access, you can review the information and respond. The Plan Room will include all of the construction documents required for a complete and comprehensive response from your company.

Before you log off, be sure to update your contact info, such as email, fax, etc., to make sure BBI is sending you all projects that may be pertinent to your company and its scope of work.

If you have any questions regarding access, login, or other issues, please contact David at Bluewater Builders, Inc. 954-753-7233 or for technical information regarding our Subcontractor Management Software please call the SmartBidNet Support Desk (888) 808-8319 for assistance.

If you have not already done so, please register to start the prequalification process.

If you’ve received a bid or prequalification invitation, please login.