Our Story

SINCE 1998...

Bluewater’s vision for a private boutique construction firm is based on shared core values. Through hands-on executive leadership and project involvement, team satisfaction, and structured corporate systems, we continue to offer the Florida construction market a personalized approach that focuses on overall customer satisfaction. BBI has created a multi-pronged approach to achieving our goals. We have (3) major divisions within BBI: Commercial Construction, Multi-Family Renovation, and Special Projects.

Our mindset of building without limitations comes from the commitment to deliver a steadfast product to our clients on each and every project. Bluewater Builders has built a reputation based on big corporation construction knowledge, superior attention to detail and a “no surprises” project delivery approach.

Building a reputation for taking on technically challenging endeavors and having a quick national mobilization ability has led to well-diversified portfolio for the company.  Our clients have come to appreciate the advantages of working with our company with our ability to handle a local project or our ability to travel throughout the South Eastern United States so that our clients do not have to experiment with a new contractor relationship.  The key factor to the company’s overall growth has been the outstanding staff of individuals who have a wealth of knowledge and value working as a team, not only with each other, but also with clients. This in turn allows each client to trust and connect with our Account Executives and Project Managers.



Emerging Today and Tomorrow

With offices in both Broward and Palm Beach County, today the company has more than 40 salaried professionals and an additional team of skilled craftsmen who supplement our self-performing capabilities.  There is nothing more satisfying than working and growing with our clients, subcontractors, vendors and employees. Our success has proven our ability to build both relationships and structures. As we see it, we build to last.

Our Philosophy

Bluewater Builders, Inc is founded on three guiding principles: Trust, Time, and Teamwork. We extend these principles to all levels of our work.

We Build Trust

Every project is an opportunity to build or strengthen trust with our employees, clients, subcontractors and professional consultants. Our success has proven our ability to build both relationships and structures.

We Value Time

Communication, quick conflict resolution and innovative solutions are building blocks to success. Time is our most valuable resource. 

We Work As A Team

Bluewater has defined team satisfaction as our primary company goal. We pride ourselves on the family we have grown throughout the years, all working towards one mission.