Building Trust in the Construction Industry

Trust has been defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. At the heart of every great relationship is trust, and the confidence in this is especially critical to every successful construction project completion.

Regardless of its size or scope, a key ingredient in any successful project is teamwork. Teams help each other and work together to get things done. When there are trusting relationships between team members, there exists the foundation for building success, creating higher levels of collaboration, more effective execution of the plan, greater creativity, and increased loyalty and commitment.

To establish these trusting relationships, open communication needs to be established at the very beginning, with all parties actively engaging with each other toward collaborative problem-solving. By each party listening attentively, being open to feedback, conveying their intentions and then matching their actions to their words, trust is built.

Since a general contractor is central to the success of any construction project, hiring one that is trustworthy can make all the difference. By involving the general contractor from the very start of a project, the opportunity is given to them to earn trust and to demonstrate their best business practices.

It takes time to build and earn trust, and we understand its importance. Bluewater Builders is a privately owned national general contractor licensed in the states of Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina. A leader in the construction industry since 1998 with corporate headquarters in South Florida, we are a provider of comprehensive construction services to projects vast in type and scale.

Bluewater Builders, Inc. is founded on the three guiding principles of trust, time, and teamwork, and we extend these principles to all levels of our work.  We see every project as an opportunity to build and strengthen trust while building relationships and structures. Communication, quick conflict resolution and innovative solutions are our building blocks to success.

We pride ourselves on forming trusted, long-lasting alliances with our clients, and strive to cultivate relationships with qualified subcontractors and vendors. Our subcontractors and suppliers are vital to the company’s success, and we respect their contributions to the team and forge reliable, enduring partnerships. This partnership means looking out for one another and relying on each other for coordination, performance, and solutions that are the foundation of seamless projects.

Bluewater Builders’ focus is on establishing trust – one building, one community, and one person at a time. We offer pre-construction, general contracting, construction management, and design-build services. Find out more about our trusted expertise in the areas of commercial, multi-family residential, educational, and specialty use construction at