Coming Together as an Effective Construction Team

Teamwork involves the collaborative effort of a group of individuals to effectively and efficiently achieve a common goal. With effective teamwork, much greater objectives may be achieved than could ever be possible if individuals attempted the same work on their own. To complete complex work projects, people with different skills and knowledge can work together as a team allowing superior problem solving with more creative solutions.

The famous Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi, is quoted as saying, “Commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work”. However, simply bringing a diverse group of people together doesn’t automatically ensure a good team. In fact, team members need to succeed individually while also accomplishing the mutual objective.

In construction, a number of individuals may make up the team, including the general contractor, sub-contractors, the owners or investors, the architect and engineers. Although everyone shares the common goal of project completion, each may have different individual priorities and interests. Therefore, to successfully complete a project on time and within budget, it requires aligning these various viewpoints through effective communication, measurable goal setting, and enhanced cooperation and trust.

Quality teamwork is essential to excellent project outcomes. Greater creativity, better decision making, increased safety and responsibility, enhanced work quality, and improved time management are just a few of the many benefits to be experienced with great teamwork.

Bluewater Builders, Inc. is founded on the three guiding principles of trust, time, and teamwork, and we extend these principles to all levels of our work.  In fact, we see every project as an opportunity to build and strengthen trust while building relationships and structures. Communication, quick conflict resolution and innovative solutions are our building blocks to success. However, our primary goal is growing together and working together towards one mission.

Bluewater Builders is a privately owned national general contractor licensed in the states of Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina and South Carolina. A collaborative leader in the construction industry since 1998 with corporate headquarters in South Florida, we are a provider of comprehensive construction services to projects vast in type and scale.

We pride ourselves on forming trusted, long-lasting alliances with our clients, and strive to cultivate relationships with qualified subcontractors and vendors. Our subcontractors and suppliers are vital to the company’s success and we respect their contributions to the team and forge reliable, enduring partnerships. This partnership means looking out for one another and relying on each other for coordination, performance and solutions that are the foundation of seamless projects.

Bluewater Builders’ focus is on establishing trust – one building, one community and one person at a time. We offer pre-construction, general contracting, construction management, and design-build services. Find out more about our trusted expertise in the areas of commercial, residential, educational, and specialty use construction at