Eco-friendly Building Can Make a Big Impact

Simply put, eco-friendly buildings are beneficial for everyone, positively affecting the environment, our health, and in addition, offering many financial benefits. General contractors who incorporate green techniques use resources more efficiently during the building cycle from care in site selection, technical planning and efficient design, to the usage of more renewable building materials.

On both the global and local level, green buildings can greatly reduce negative impacts on the environment, by using fewer natural resources, less water and energy, and by creating less waste. These areas are vital as they affect our natural environment and our climate. Building eco-friendly offers better protection of ecosystems and biodiversity and helps to improve both our air and water quality by reducing waste runoff into waterways.

On a very personal level, by building eco-friendly, we make places that are healthier to live, to go to school, and to work. Improved air quality creates better health for the occupants of structures that are green built. Therefore, we focus on creating buildings that are not only good for the environment, but allow its occupants to lead happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Financially, green building certainly makes sense on many levels with higher property values, lower construction and operating costs, and increased occupancy rates. In fact, one recent study reported a seven percent increase in the value of eco-friendly buildings over traditionally built structures. Building owners and tenants also benefit from reduced spending on energy and water bills due to better efficiency. 

Building greener can be accomplished in many small and easy steps, such as using energy efficient doors and windows, maximizing natural light, using lower VOC paints, using more sustainable or recycled materials, or installing solar panels. Consideration of the aesthetics of the design with nature conservation in mind, reflecting the surrounding local environment and natural resources, along with utilization of renewable materials can all reduce the costs to the global climate, local environment, and the health of its occupant. As eco-friendly general contractors, we are committed to sustainability, building structures that are safer, greener and ones that can save both owners and their tenants on maintenance costs.

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